DICTA 2015 Conference

Work-in-progress Workshop

The Work-in-progress Session is a new initiative for DICTA 2015. The aim is to allow PhD students and Early-career Researchers with difficult research problems access to the accumulated wisdom of the APRS community.

The session will run from 4pm on Tuesday 24th of November. The Workshop Chair will start with a short introduction for all attendees to each of the problems submitted and then we will divide into groups to tackle the actual problems.

Each proposal will be assigned an experienced mentor and both will prepare a short (<5 minute) presentation. The proposer will explain the problem and the mentor will suggest some new approaches and the discussion and problem solving will ensue.

Problems will be grouped by topic and each group will meet at one of the tables in the venue. The presentations will be made just to the local group. A slide show will be displayed on the main screens listing the problems so that interested delegates can join a table if they feel that they have something to contribute.

If you are interested in proposing your work for a Work-in-progress Session please submit the below form by Wednesday, the 21st of October…

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